Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wow! It has been almost two whole months since I have posted! This is ridiculous.

I have been back at college in the Greater Boston area since the beginning of September.  As one could guess by the time it has been since my last post--- I am a busy girl!  I am enrolled full-time at college taking five classes, I am the President of our student programming board (the Campus Activities Board), and I work almost 30 hours a week as a host in a local restaurant.  Literally the only time I have is devoted to homework and club responsibilities.

Since I am at school, I do not have a kitchen to bake in.  I am living in one of few houses on campus that do not have ovens or refrigerators in the the kitchen --- therefore, I do not do any baking here. 

However, I figured I would post so it does not look as though I have dropped off the face of the earth.  I have had some interesting food experiences since being here!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner at Union Street Bar & Grill when he was visiting for a weekend.  I went with the predictable and safe option --- White Truffle Mac & Cheese. Oh my gosh, it was SOOOO delicious.  It was served in a small frying pan.  The cheese was all melted in the bottom half of the pan, while the top half of the pasta had a layer of seasoned bread crumbs and parmesan cheese.  The first bite mostly tasted of the truffle oil and crumbs, but then I realized the best way was the messy way --- stir it all up!  The dish was quite flavorful, and I could taste just the right amount of garlic in it.  With me, macaroni & cheese will always be a hit!  Next time I visit, I want to try one of their pizzas off their large menu.

As President of the Campus Activities Board, I planned our group retreat.  Usually we pick up some cookies from the grocery store for a dessert, but I asked my advisor to purchase some cake mix and frosting --- not my first choice, but with no equipment, it was the only choice.  I was desperate for some baking!  We chose one chocolate and one rainbow chip cake mix and corresponding frostings all Betty Crocker brand.  I just LOVE the Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting!  It wasn't that exciting, but it reminded me how much I miss having access to my baking ingredients, equipment, and a stove!

I have recently started training for a serving position at my job.  With that, I was invited to attend our food tasting when we rolled out our Fall Menu.  This was an adventurous night for me.  I have always been a picky eater and not willing to try much.  However, when I am offered something to try for free, why not?  First, I tried our Day Boat Scallop entree.  I was really excited for this one, because it was an half an acorn squash filled with pumpkin risotto and topped with scallops.  Then, I tried our Veal Chop entree: It was served on a helping of polenta with smoked Gouda and onions, and broccolini on the side.  Lastly, I tried the Braised Ox Tail.  I tried it, and it tasted good, but I was not a fan of the texture or entree as a whole.  All in all, I love working for this restaurant, because it is a loyal supporter of local businesses and focuses on using the most local ingredients whenever possible.  This belief is also reflected through the restaurant's drink list, which has a huge list of beers from local (New England) and Belgium beers. 

So, here I am in my college dorm.  No kitchen to speak of.  Just a sad, unused microwave in the basement (it's not creepy at all...).  Every day I day dream about what I will bake when I go home for Thanksgiving!  Definitely Pumpkin and Apple Pie, maybe some Raspberry Muffins (or something with the raspberries I picked this summer!), and who knows what else.

That's all I can think of for now.  School/work/club stuff has consumed my life.  My boyfriend, best friend, and her boyfriend are all coming to visit next weekend.  I am SUPER excited to see them all.  I am trying to plan for our meals out, but still not sure where I'll take them.  I'm thinking we'll check out the New England Aquarium, the book festival on Copley Square, possibly browse Harvard Square, or go kayaking.  I really can't wait though. 

Happy Baking!